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  • *KIM McGREGOR//Lamberton*

    A real monday quote :) this is how I feel today!! After starting my day at 5:30am, dropping Isaac off, doing all the Father's Day stuff, going to work, then to a friends cookout, picking up Isaac, going back to work, getting home to a list I need to finish b4 bed, and then back up this am at 5:00am.... Yeah I wish today was cancelled....(( but today is j-day with my Lil man:))..))

  • Laura Christman

    Oh how I wish I saw this every Monday morning :]

  • Theresa Hoyer

    Oh this is tooooo funny! Some days you just have to crawl back in bed and cover your head and shut out the world for your own sanity - this would be the perfecr blanket or comforter

  • Innerpower Jewels Australia / New Zealand

    . #quote #wisewords #empower #bed #iwish

  • Sofia Chahin

    WAITING....wishing.DREAMING for this day. and when it actually happens the blanket took over the dream.

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this is me almost every night. LOL

This is me. I need to name my alarms like this.

I'm never ready to do things at 8am, unless I absolutely must

Well I never wake up with an alarm clock my dad drags me out of bed..... Yes I'm one of those people the deep sleeper

Sadly, this is very accurate! Why does this happen?

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I don't think there will be enough coffee or middle fingers for this Monday.

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More or less, but no girl with hair that long sleeps with it down. You or your bedmate will HURT YOU.

This is me every morning and the funny thing is my Tasha knows it. She doesn't wake me and doesn't demand me to get out of bed until I'm ready LOL

This is just awesome ... and totally describes my daily wake-up routine. Just ask Andy.