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Gabrielle Solis, Desperete Housewives. -Do you know how bored i was today? I came this close to actually cleaning the house.

Oh, Snap! Don’t Talk To Your Mama Like That…

I love these so much. They were in The Art of the Disney Princess, which is an amazing book full of all different styles of art, and anyone who loves the princesses needs to get a copy, like, yesterday. ♥

Original Painting "Disney" by Christian Riese Lassen

Ok Jenni - the Disney Princess' and their Prince except Frozen. No Prince to live happily ever after with or to save them.

I love all of the Disney princess movies. This is wonderful.

Those are the things I learned from Disney. It helps that I have good parents who saw these lessons in the movies and wanted me to learn them.

Star Wars Disney ladies. This is cool, I love that Belle is Han Solo, but Mulan should be a lot more badass.

Disney Princesses In Their Prince's Costumes. This would be awesome to cosplay as for next July at FSC 2015. Let's do it! Lisa Lugo Yasmin Malik