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Actually, British accents were made up because the British hated American's so much they didn't want to sound like them anymore.


An amazing idea…

Yarn laser obstacle course. Add bells for alarms.--How much fun is this?! Such a fun activity for kids! Or even teens as an icebraker :)


A collection of funny kids’ notes…

I am running away because you think i farted when i didn't. Hahahaha. Kids. XD

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Love is like a fart

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Break the glass…

I need to put this next to the stove for you...though you wouldn't find the humor in it.

so funny us cheer coaches talk about this a lot with "our girls" on Facebook - haha... quack quack...

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You're not worthy.

Omg xD


When boys smile at you mysteriously…

Can. Not. Stop. Laughing...