Avengers-Some of the best moments

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new filosofy

The Avengers.

The amount of WANT involved here is beyond measure....

Captain America

Favorite Marvel Movie Superhero Quotes

Oh Bruce

One of the many reasons that I love Darcy. <-I just re-watched this movie tonight and I busted up laughing at this part XD

Avengers morphing from their comic form to their actors. Woah.

Avengers quotes

Avengers, Assemble! .@Avengers

Greatest moments of The Avengers xD

(Interviewer) You've both had succesful films, Iron Man, and Thor, so what's the difference between that and working with an ensemble cast on the Avengers?

"Watch your language" Tony Stark. If you did not know he said that 2-3 times in movie.

The Avengers

Here are the rumored, upcoming #Marvel movies. can't wait! I'll be able to see 4 of these for my birthday =D and I'm totally going to see the midnight premiere of Age of Ultron!

Marvel, 'til the end of the credits.

The Hulk

This is awful. But so stinking funny.