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Today makes 3 and a half years spent with the man of my dreams, and this quote truly hits me right in the feels. Being a little over an hour away from eachother all the time sucks, but I know we're gonna make it! <3 Our love is growing more and more each day!<3

But it requires work from both sides. If it's only one-side doing all the work then it's never going to work.

I want to put this quote on my wall surrounded by pictures of my husband and I

Isn't this the goddamn truth? Nothing has been so true during this time in my life. There's always obstacles, always fights, always something to overcome..but in the end it's worth it.

i am pretty sure this has come out of his mouth more than once...feeling desired all the time is such a confidence booster.

I LOVE this!! 'You will always be my forever'. Tattoo quote under the infinity sign.