• Nancy Matrisciano Jensen

    Homemakers make a difference! Awesome, uplifting quote!

  • Kristin Dutton

    CS Lewis Never thought of it that way :)

  • Kate Sanders

    C.S. Lewis - Homemaking. Need to remember this...

  • Mallory Roberts

    I like this quote. i think mothers who stay at home are too often dismissed like they don't do anything that matters. Do what works for you career/homemaking/etc but don't devalue others' lives just because you don't understand their priorities.

  • Talana Wilhite

    CS Lewis. Love this because it makes me want to live up to it.

  • Melissa Goad

    this is really the whole point of feminism- to be allowed to make the CHOICE of being homemaker/SAHM or to live a different life. Either way, it should be up to the family and the woman it directly affects. I love that this quote makes every job noble.

  • Holly Boud

    C.S. Lewis - I LOVE this! Sometimes it's hard to tell people that my dream job is to be a stay at home mom. It's not because I lack ambition. I just think this is something important for me to do.

  • Carol Poulson

    CS LEWIS homemaking quote

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