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  • Best Molosser Dog Breeds

    #Pit #Bull #dog breed.

  • Madison Lantto

    People need to realize this. No breed is more viscous than another, the owner makes the animal. There are just as many Golden Retriever attacks as there are attacks by Pitbulls. Teach your children how to approach animals and hold yourself responsible for your pets' behavior.

  • Cathy Karr

    Pitbulls - well said

  • Liz Herrington

    this is so profoundly true. Love pets but people need to understand that you can't just get them and leave them home alone all the time. They need your attention too, after all they are always here for you. Are you always here for them?

  • Jackie Gomez

    I absolutely dispise people who are naive to these animals. I have a Pitt bull and bc WE raised him as any other dog owner would in a loving home, he is the sweetest pup ever! Animals are what they are trained to be.

  • Factor_VS

    animals dogs bully pitbull american staffordshire terrier pit bull american pit bull terrier pit bu Wallpaper

  • Lisa Bellemore

    Pit bulls true story!

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