Sweet and a good reminder.

Beautiful Mother's Day Poem<3

For all my mother friends.......LOVE this, found a wall hanging while out shopping and shed a couple tears at Kirklands when reading it:(



Hang by the sink as a reminder!



A mother's love...

Free “a prayer for my children” printable! This prayer is based on Colossians 1:9-11 and is a beautiful prayer of blessing and empowerment for your children. Frame it and hang it in your family room, child's room or playroom. Or, attach it to a spiral notebook cover and use it as your family prayer journal. www.motheringfromscratch.com

I love this

Haven't cried that hard in a while :'(

Made me cry

everyday reminder

This would be cute tucked away in the childs closet or inside a bathroom cabinet When I read this, I always remember my mother telling me "you will never realize until you have children of your own" - Mom.... you were so right!

Challenging.... #children #kids #quote #saying #example #mother #mom #motherhood #parenting


Good to remember