Line flowerpots and planters with coffee filters to stop soil from falling through the drainage hole.

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33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive

Do this in the fall. Spring bulbs in Pots: store the potted bulbs in an unheated garage or storage room. Youll need to water every few weeks since the pots wont have access to rainfall. In addition to small pots, pack bulbs shoulder-to-shoulder in big containers for an abundant display in spring. Toss aside the spacing recommendations so you can get as many bulbs into the container as possible. This is a great idea.

tree stump planter -- using a fire to create the hole

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1 Gallon white vinegar 2 cups multi purpose epsom salt 1/4 cup regular blue dawn dish soap Put into gallon sprayer, if you don't have a sprayer, You can use anything that will spray out liquid, Saturate weeds.

Downspout diverter to fill your rain barrel. $29.95

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Big outdoor planters are a great way to display flowers, but moving them is backbreaking. Here’s a simple way to cut the weight in half, with packing peanuts and improve drainage at the same time.

Dried Banana Peel Chips Great Plant Fertilizer~I have used this with my roses, and they bloom like crazy after I put the banana peels on them

Wine bottle waterer. I'm pretty sure I can round up some empty wine bottles for this project ;)

If Quick Grits, and Club soda remedies don't kill fire ants then this formula will do the work.

Backyard herb garden

Potato Pot

Poke holes in milk containers to make watering cans.

Permaculture Ideas: How Easy it is to Grow a Pineapple!

Vertical herb garden