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Secret Hideout!

A real lion witch and wardrobe! cut out hole in old armoire, fit over door to play room = secret room in the wardrobe. even as an "adult" I LOVE this idea!

Secret doorway

Pinner said: Secret passageway! Cute idea if your house is designed properly. I remember a family friend's house had a hidden play room under their stairs. To get in, we crawled through a little door in their coat closet. Way fun for kids!

haben will

Hidden Stone Door to Secret Room THIS IS SICK i am so having something like this in my future house. Except I'll make it a dummy door and the hidden door the real door

Sweet home ideas.. especially the pillow movie room, the swing table, and the hammock floor.

A collection of the most awesome things you could ever have in your house. I esp love the fire pit, the sleepover room, and the drying rack!

Fun play room idea:-)

Great for winter in the basement. DIY indoor kids gym (easy and frugal) hmm an indoor play ground. a good idea for those of us with winter half the year!

19 brilliant design solutions for that unused closet

19 brilliant design solutions for that unused closet

Bunks in the closet, leaves the rest of the room as a play area. This is a GREAT idea! I would take the doors off though. Maybe cute curtains instead. I used to love hanging out in my closet. And to free up the room for more play area?

I'd love to have an house with some secret passages

Secret Hidden Passageways In House. If I was rich I'd have several secret rooms and passageways! I can only dream!

This couch is fantastic

I would want a larger TV but thats basically what I want my living room to be like. One big sofa bed thing to make everyone comfy and laid back! to go cheaper you could use mattress and make or use bed pillows covered with same fabric as mattress.

Hydro floors. The floor sinks and the pool appears!

Climate-Friendly Sunken Pool Converts into Radiant Floor Here’s a truly glamorous idea for a pool. A sinking pool! The apparently permanent stone floor in this room literally slowly drops to reveal the pool underneath. ummmm Coolest thing ever.