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An Italian sword with cut iron hilt circa 1560/70 .

2 of 2. A German Landsknecht sword, KATZBALGER, in the style of circa 1520-50, 19th century. With broad blade formed with a very low medial ridge, a short point, a pair of narrow short fullers at the forte struck with two rows of marks on one side, and the ricasso cut with additional pairs of fullers along the sides a including a pair of long acutely in-curved writhen quillons, and knuckle-guard,. L. overall: 88.5 cm - L. blade: 74 cm - W.: 14 cm.

Miller Bros. Blades Set of M-16 Modern Tactical Sword. Custom Handmade Swords, Knives, Tomahawks/Axes & Machetes

This Debt Collector from Trouble Blades shows how talented Canadian custom knife makers are! Especially Tim Bakonyi from Trouble Blades! Sick looking folding cleaver! Sick!