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Great party Idea: Apple Nachos

Delicious Apple Nachos Recipe 4 large Granny Smith apples, sliced 35 large marshmallows cup butter 35 caramels 1 Tbsp evaporated milk (or half and half) cup mini semi-sweet morsels 2 Tbsp chocolate syrup

how to get cakes to bake flat! i should have googled this long ago! Funfetti Cake

Insulating the cake pan helps the cake bake evenly and flat. Use strips of an old towel (and no, they do not burn). Just drench in water, wrap them around the pans, and bake. Gets rid of the bump that you can get when your cakes bake.

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow "Cream" Puppy Chow: 5 C. rice chex cereal 1 C. white chocolate melts (or chocolate chips) 8 Oreos finely crushed C.

A ready made oreo pie crust, cut strawberries, chocolate mouse and refridgerate until mouse is set. Id like to add some Dream Whip on top also! Yum!!!

Just use a pre made Oreo crust, strawberries, and chocolate pudding Strawberry chocolate pie. Just use a pre made Oreo crust, strawberries, and chocolate pudding was last…

Bears in a Bubble Bath Mini Treats. Photo by Photo Momma

Bears in a Bubble Bath Mini Treats

Recipe for Bears in a Bubble Bath Mini Treats.with chocolate cake mix, Rolo candies, mini marshmallows, & teddy grahams! These are the cutest treats for kids as they look like bears taking a bubble bath!

dessert kabob- strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows, chocolate chips

Dessert Kabobs: strawberries, large marshmallows, Sara Lee frozen pound cake, semi-sweet chocolate chips on kabob sticks. I used milk chocolate chips, but any kind would work.

CANDY SUSHI!!!!  rice crispies, swedish fish, fruit roll ups, and any other candies you feel like throwing in!  This is so cute!!

KID FOOD- Candy Sushi - Swedish fish, Fruit roll ups, Twizzlers, rice krispie treats! Fun snack, lunch box treat or party favor!

4c Golden Grahams  2c Cocoa Puffs  2c thin pretzel sticks (2 1/4 inch)  1c candy-coated peanut butter candies  1c dry-roasted peanuts  10oz white chocolate baking bars or squares, chopped  2T butter or margarine  1/2c powdered sugar

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cereal Party Mix

Crunchy Peanut Butter Chex mix (with Reese's pieces) The colors make this a great idea for a small Thanksgiving treat. This link has so many trail mix ideas.