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~cows are beautiful gentle sentient creatures and the most loving mothers. please stop eating them. please.

Retratos de emociones animales El fotógrafo danés Morten Koldby es capaz, con absoluta maestría, de captar las complejas y variadas emociones que puede expresar un animal. Muchas de estas fotografías transmiten expresiones casi humanas y reflejan emociones como el nerviosismo, la arrogancia, la atención y muchas otras.

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L’arche de noé

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The lion queen: The London woman who saved Africa's rare white lions from trophy hunters - and almost certain extinction

The WHITE LION, the rarest of ALL. Known as the MOST SACRED ANIMAL in the African continent yet hunted notoriously by poachers for the pleasure of money. Not only that, NO laws protect them from being wiped off the face of the earth! Please help protect these beautiful animals, or they will disappear forever!