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how new answer to "what's up"

commit this to memory

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Well, duh

Love this inspirational quote. | "The time you enjoy wasting is not time waste."

Are you an obsessive list maker? To-do lists, grocery lists, whatever your heart desires. List it out, friend.

I really don't




Dear Karma...

Dear sweatpants & hoodies, thanks for being there for me. Sincerely, sexy and I know it, but too lazy to show it.

Friends Over the course of my life i have had all different kinds of friends. I have had true friends and they ones that stab you in the back. Right now in school i have meet a couple girls that i think will be in my wedding one day. My friends are just as weird as i am and i love them so much.

Everything I like...

drink the stuff every day!

I said this to you on the beach that day and you told me you had the sexy imagination but I had a dirty mind.. Memories suck....

Every time