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Put masking tape with child's name on a canvas. Allow them to paint (or fingerpaint) the entire canvas. Dry. Take off tape. Too cute!!

Little ones can be very messy with their painting, but we should encourage and embrace it as part of the learning process! Lay masking tape on some canvases, and let your toddler go to town with colorful paint. When you strip off the tape, you'll have a lasting piece of art celebrating your toddler's creativity!

Use duct tape for words. Place crayons on top. Blow dry on high heat till crayons melt. Blow dry side to side to blend colors. Slowly remove duct tape to reveal words- I want to do this!

I think this is one of the best toddler activity idea websites I've ever found. The ideas are simple, educational and allow for creative exploration of the child's own world. Highly recommend.

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Have children create a canvas with their name written in tape. Remove tape when project is complete.

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Beautiful canvas artwork to do with the kids' handprint and son and I made something like this on a plate at As You Wish pottery.

Finger-paint Fun. Tape child's name over canvas, have them finger-paint over it, then remove the tape (from Aug 2011)

Adorable Dad photo! Cut letters "D" and "A" from poster paper. Have each kid hold a letter and take their photo. If you have one child, take their photo holding each of the letters.

Adhesive Tape Canvas Art. This would be fun to do while babysitting and have a gift when they get back! (Obv clean up the mess first haha)