I absolutely love this!! Pointe is already amazing, then you add striped tights and purple pointe ballet shoes, and it's AMAZING!!! ;D

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Rainbow Pointe


I WANT THESE POINTE SHOES. ♥ Wonderful! www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com

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Purple pointe shoes

she's not even all the way up en pointe. I hate stuff like this. Stop trying to appreciate ballet if you don't know anything about it.

I dreamed of being a ballerina when I was a little girl. These would've been my toe shoes.

Ballet. Ballerinas live for it. We were born to do it. It challenges us. We invest all of our time to it. It's the reason for our blood, sweat and tears. It causes us pain and frustration but we still love it. Ballet is our passion, our life, and everything to us and no one but ballerinas will ever understand that.✨ true.

Good gravy, there's a pinboard for Entwined! #^_^# I'd say it's pretty spot on actually

How cool is this?

mask and ballet shoes

From the day she is born, every little girl who does ballet dreams of her first pair of point shoes, and when she gets them, its like heaven on earth.

Custom Handpainted Pointe Shoes by Ballet in Cleveland on Etsy.

light up #nyismybf

Repin if you think pointe shoes are the real high heels, like if you think the one on the left is a real high heel

Amazing. Dance

Lilac Fairy/Sleeping Beauty, purple pointe shoe with purple flowers, Swarovski crystals and pearls on Etsy, $75.00