Tutorial: Instagram Photostrips - can't wait to make these!

13 Ways to Print Instagram Photos

DIY Instagram Photostrips

5 Fantastic DIY Ways To Take Your Cell Photos Off-Screen - 2. Photobooth style strips

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo- I can't wait to trick my husband with this! He is always worried that I will get more tattoos.

DIY birthday cards.

A fun calendar you can make. I'm thinking using your pictures to make a fun way to remember all of your to-do and what's-due days leading up to your wedding or event, or use fun pictures of your wedding or baby shower, etc. to use as a calendar for the year to come. Great way to bring together past, present, and future!

Fun idea

101 Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things

Prenez une photo de votre enfant à chaque rentrée et demandez-lui ce qu’il veut faire plus tard. Emotions garanties quand il sera grand.

DIY ~ I'm going to do this with a frame I have that the glass just broke in.

DIY Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard

Knitting video tutorials (and illustrations) from the COOLEST knitting site I've ever seen. Site design is awesome; video narrator voice is gorgeous. The site is trendy, youthful, and high-end.

how to get your instagram pics in polaroid form! cheap and free shipping

all those years making bracelets, this would have been helpful

Mod Podge Finishes...wish I could see what the labels say. Hint.

A good blog post about organizing photos and printing yearly photo books.

Can't wait to try this!!!

Redbox Rental codes

DIY canvas painting.