First of all...


Story of my life.... hahah. Time should not be. Its sucks ass

Yep lol

HAHAH seriously


HAHAHA... have thought this way too many times lol

My life


Indeed... And I don't even know why

Again, I am in public and cannot respond appropriately to our conversation. So true sometimes!

my life

Someday your ex-boyfriend will wake up next to that ugly thing and realize his mistake. Lucky for you, you'll be with that super-hot rich guy. | Encouragement Ecard |

Stop talking to me.

I take comfort in knowing that people younger than me look older than me.




your girl friends are the ones with flawless support after a bad hair cut, a roll of desperately needed toilet paper passed under the stall wall, and at your door (stat) with wine, chocolate, pizza, and (hopefully) ice cream when life is a bitch slap of suck-fest. LONG LIVE GIRL FRIENDS.

True Friends