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Simple Poof Style - Tease your crown in sections. The middle part of the head is teased 1st and then you just keep sectioning off until you reach the front and then you tease that and finish off combing over what you have teased so it wont appear ratty, then glaze it over with some holding spray. Voila!

up-do for short hair.

Azalea Inspiration

short hair style

Best Hairstyles to Wear to Work #hairstyles #girl hairstyle #Hair Style|

Short hair half updo ideas \

Cute short hair

The short hair braid.


Short hair

hairstyles for short hair

Cute style for short hair

Short Hair Braid

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Short Hair Color Ideas

wish i could get my hair to look like that!

{ short waves }

Celebrities with short curly hair

braids on short hair

short hair