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Oval Aluminium Alloy Single Switch Red

Thankful for the Red Green Show. Today I'm remembering the episode where he cooked Thanksgiving dinner under the hood of his car. The tires may have been involved somehow, too.

Random Inspiration 121

Eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland | Svava Sparey Yoga Holidays #iceland #travel

This image is priceless!! Michael Moore-on. what an idiot!

The Four Seasons. Hiccup should be red or orange, not green, because green's a summer color not a fall color. But that's just me. lol XD

A visual research about vegetables and their powerful color. Vegetables are dismantled and purified to their visual essence 'RAW COLOR'. The harvested color is captured by a new process preserving their intensity on color cards. Categorized by shades and families a new map is created which shows their beautiful diversity. This projects reinterprets the vegetable and puts it into new context.

1961 Thunderbird Interior. A 1960 Thunderbird (mine had red interior) has the console a bit different. The little trap door is a cigarette lighter and ash tray. On the '60 that speaker gate isn't there the ash trap trap door is back near the power window switches. If your 18 yo Girlfriend sits on the console, eventually the pushed in cigarette lighter burns a hole in her red shorts, drawers, and the cheek of her butt. It was my fault but, she married me anyway. 44 years ago.