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My g-babies are so easy to love...Cameron, Jaydn, Lexus, Kaycee, Lily, Alex, Emma, Kylee, and Luke.

Success can be measured in many different ways however the result is when you reach the goals you set out for. The goals may be related to money,...

Couldn't have found this at a better time in my life. ALWAYS worth fighting for.

Do it with passion or not at all. I'm tired of passion being associated with relationships and love. Passion is about what makes you happy and what you always want to be doing. And I'm just going to vent to all of Pinterest because I'm crazy, but I'm honestly sick and tired of just existing. My life has to have purpose. I have to have passion. Without passion I am nothing except skin, bones, crazy thoughts, and heartbeats. I want to do out of the box things and LIVE.

there is no pretending. i love you, and i will love you until i die, and if there is life after that, i'll love you then.

What I think when I look at you sometimes... And you don't know how much that hurts. :(

Thanks for sharing Kate Habegger! This song makes me smile and cry at the same time. I love my dad and our wedding dance together! :)

Saving people is a really hard task - it won't always work. But what you can do is love them, make them feel special and let them know there's someone who cares about them and that their life is worth living.

pretty sure all that goes through ayden's head when we talk is "gosh you're such a strange person shay... i love it." XD

Yes God! Help me control my anger right now, not just my anger, my broken heart and emotions... i feel as if Im spinning out of control... with nothing to hold on to to keep me from falling down... i know you are there... and Im crying out from the deepest part of my heart to breath life into me... cause this pain is slowly killing me:'( i need you now and always! I love you my heavenly father

I find a piece of you in every song I listen too- really beautiful quote fits for love and friendship