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Red Wagon

art in red wagons: photo transfer. FINISH with bees wax

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Different methods of transferring images. Heat, Xylene, Acrylic, & Caulking.

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BeesWax Collage



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How-to: layering book paper, wax & tissue paper in your art journal.....or, I'm thinking, even on canvas or wood.

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Encaustic photo tutorial, have never tried it with photos

Foursquarefrom Foursquare

Dots & Doodles

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12 Easy Image Transfers

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Acrylic Skin Image Transfers

Pencil Free


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Gesso Background with Watercolor Pencil - Free Tutorial!

Infarrantly Creativefrom Infarrantly Creative

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DIY Water Color Art (watercolor resist) ...BTW,Please Check this out:

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How to blend colored pencil drawings with rubbing alcohol. *gasp* Why was this not in my life sooner?!

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Mixed Media collage (and she shows how to do a photo transfer on top of this, but I just really love this stage of the process!)

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Tissue paper is no longer just for stuffing gift bags. These days I'm using tissue paper in a lot of my art and paper projects because it is so versatile. It's flexible, semi transparent, thin and printable. Today's tutorial is about how to print on tissue paper.

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I like how she uses the waxed paper and brayer

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wax paper resist art idea

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How to Draw Glass [Narrated Step-by-Step] - YouTube

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image transfer to bisque

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▶ Prismacolor Pencil Blender Tutorial - YouTube

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printmaking leaves

Arte Encáustica

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How to paint with encaustic beeswax, oil, and photo transfer

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lynne hoppe: process example combining oil pastels with gouache, pencil crayon, etc. on a random background or book page.