freeze individual servings - this is one of my all-time favorite appetizers - never thought about flash freezing individial portions to enjoy whenever i want!

spinach artichoke grilled cheese. yum!

Artichoke Bread - Artichokes, cheese and bread. I think I might be in heaven.

Artichoke Bread

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Artichoke Bread Recipe

Artichoke Garlic Bread

Artichokes: How to Cook Artichokes

I had no idea you could freeze all of this stuff!

Traditional July 2012 Menu from @onceamonthmom



Spinach Artichoke Pasta..this was good! I added pepper flakes on each step, more cheese than called for and multicolor penne. Next time I will add some chopped onion with the garlic step. I think it would be fantastic with chopped chicken (or turkey?)...this is MY idea of mac and cheese!!! #pasta #noodles #recipe #easy #recipes

How To Freeze Produce

Freezer cooking is SO easy with this tutorial on how to freeze pizza dough. Make a couple batches on the weekend, freeze, and enjoy on a busy weeknight!

How to stuff artichokes.


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website dedicated to preparing and freezing meals ahead. good resource for what you can and can't freeze, how to freeze, and recipes.