Funny Farewell Ecard: Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a brighter day.

So SO true!!

Some people... Mostly women, pretty sure they can't live with out it. Unless a woman wants to try and prove me wrong..

If I could just get this in business card size and pass it out to people.

its almost uncontrollable...

haha yes. this is true.

yup. just stay away

Need to tell this to a majority of our patients, whom are under the false impression that our organization is a 5-star resort & we are their indentured servants.

good question

Story of my life

Funny eCards...

so many people fit this!!!!!

Hahahahaha!!! Too dang true...

Less than that...

This is true!

hahah...pretty much.

so true

I'm sorry my recent absence from work caused you to have to do your own work.

This is sometimes very true LOL