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Earth Science for Interactive Notebooks - rocks vs. minerals, properties of minerals, moh's scale

Day and Night - Explanation For Kids

This video comes straight from NSTA (National Science Teaching Association) and gives a fun lesson on how you can teach the phases of the moon. NSTA has their own YouTube channel where you can find tons of different activities and demonstrations that are great visuals for students while learning. It's a great resource for teachers to use if you're struggling with a topic in your classroom. It helps to look at the lesson from a different perspective.

Phases of the moon, this helps the students understand while making this chart, what they look like. Science standards: 4. The Physical Setting, A. Universe, Grade 4: The patterns of stars in the sky stay the same, although they appear to move across the sky nightly, and different stars can be seen in different seasons.

The EPA has tons of lessons and activities about air, climate change, ecosystems, energy, health, water, and reduce, reuse, recycle. I've already found 6 that match what my students are learning about next week! I also found that the EPA offers grants to groups/school districts for environmental education. Wish I'd known that before the deadline.

Weather Idea-- cross curricular Literacy (Little Cloud Book) and Science

Make a Hurricane using items you have in your kitchen! Fun and easy way to teach kids about this powerful weather element

The ROCK Buffet - tons of ideas for teaching all about rocks and minerals! Hope King

Use old crayons to make crayon rock cycle - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks!

Super fun science for kids. Make the water cycle in a bag!

Who said the surface doesn’t matter? Teach your middle-schooler about landforms on the surface of the Earth.

I love all of these activities and there are lots of graphics for students. This would be great for students that don't quite understand what is happening. They could be allowed time during class or at home to go through this site and explore what they want to understand.

Layers of the Earth - Free Science Lesson Plans, Activities, Powerpoints, Interactive Games

Free Earth Science Packet: Earth’s Atmosphere (19 pages) | The Homeschool Den

Simple Science - Earthquake Experiment

FREE Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Sorting Activity from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources

Inside out Playdough Earth - Part of hands on homeschool Earth Science unit. Also love the taking a core sample idea!

Making convection currents - hands on weather science for kids

Fun and easy craft to teach kids the reason behind the seasons!

Interactive Notebook Pages for Science Journals - Loaded with tons of great activities. Includes all 7 of my best selling science interactive notebooks.

Introducing Earth Science Interactive Notebooks - Plate Tectonics from Nitty Gritty Science!

Week 3: Learning About Landforms: Lots of ideas for teaching and writing about landforms.

Activities: Make a Fossil From Glue!

Earth Science Unit - lots of hands-on activities to teach how fold mountains are formed, plate movement and earthquakes, and the layers of Earth.

FREEBIE: Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth