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Tennis Racket Strainer // 30 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

Most people would find this funny that the dad is proud. But I find it funny because Jackson County is right by where I live

Didn't your mom teach you to not point. Especially at alligators, one might lose a finger or a limb.

perfect Redneck Wedding photo - includes the cigarette and the beer can...of course.

it's true! I swear I change my password every time I have to relog into my email because I don't remember what HAD to be in it the time before and can't have anything you have had in the last 3 years!!, so stupid!!

Really useful life hacks… I would use the last one!

What a great and funny idea! (I'd put it higher though so none of my kids strangle themselves by accident)

This is so cute! And I'm watching this episode which makes it even better!