Moon lamps!


I'm in love with this lamp.

moon light installation

branch lamp #decor #DIY

Whaaaaat. Also, there is no way in the world I could ever get the lamps to hang that straight. I suspect Photoshop!


Pin Prick Lanterns

Antique glass jars inspired these softly glowing, industrial-chic pendant lights, which come in a palette that recalls the greens and grays of vintage bottles. Casting a cool glow over tables, counters and desks, these sculptural lamps work well as single pendants, but they're especially head-turning when hung in pairs or multiples at different heights.

Book Lamp

Medusae Jellyfish Lamps - Add a little underwater illumination to your space with these stunning jellyfish pendants. Made of translucent mylar, the glowing light of these intricately designed lamps will soothe your mood and bring in the calming feeling of the ocean.

Lanterns, lanterns!!!

Le Souk Filigrain pendant lights.

incredible. I would love one of these!

Paint an old ladder for the laundry room - perfect for hanging to dry.

arboreal prism by kirsten kay thoen.

ambient lighting

Awesome bamboo pendants! Love the organic shapes of these feature lights!