Josten's senior class rings!! I still have mine...

charm bracelet - still have mine

Girl Scout Uniforms ~ Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior

A 60's must have! They were instant-on, which was very high-tech.. ;)Mine was powder blue!

Drivers ed! It was a class, in school.

IBM Selectric. Typing class!

All the girls in elementary school had a baton, whether we took classes or not. We spent most of our time tossing them in the air then chasing after them as they fell to the ground! :)

They used to be called "training bras."

Memories of Typing Class

Remember this class???

Birthstone Rings

Rubber Swimming Caps - Had to wear in swim class...

Saddle oxfords. Loved mine!

Somehow orange juice just tasted better in this pitcher...

Service Merchandise..

Square Dancing in gym class...the only time we had co-ed gym classes (1970s)

mood rings

memorex cassette tape It had to be 90 mins, not 60!!

Mood rings..

Vintage Tupperware keychain- Mine was green.

These are like candy. But they were approved to have in class so we all faked a sore throat.