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    Josten's senior class rings!! I still have mine...

    charm bracelet - still have mine

    Reinforcement rings. Almost forgot about these.

    Climbing the rope in gym class - oh, the horror

    Girl Scout Uniforms ~ Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior

    Eight-track tapes Got my first one as a senior at Christmas with an 8 track player I put in under my dash board of the blue station wagon

    Home Perms! I can still smell the smell. Mine was so curly the kids asked if I put a fork in a socket!

    Memories of Typing Class

    Going steady!

    Still have mine!

    ring around the rosy

    A 60's must have! They were instant-on, which was very high-tech.. ;)Mine was powder blue!

    Weebles I got this when I was sick in the hospital. None of my brothers and sisters could play with it. It was all mine. lol

    IBM Selectric. Typing class!

    Stick Pins! Super important accessory for your cowl neck sweater!

    Dissecting frogs in high school biology class. I remember the smell!

    Rainbow heart name pins! I still have mine. :)

    Gregg's shorthand Still remember some of it. ( I don' a D in that class)

    Coty Wild Musk Oil

    Hi-C. Much better than Kool-Aid ~~~~I LOVED THIS STUFF!!!

    plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider. I loved mine.