Josten's senior class rings!! I still have mine...

Girl Scout Uniforms ~ Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior

charm bracelet - still have mine

Somehow orange juice just tasted better in this pitcher...

typing class

Drivers ed! It was a class, in school.

Remember this class???

They used to be called "training bras."

batons. I still have mine tucked away in my closet.

IBM Selectric. Typing class!

A 60's must have! They were instant-on, which was very high-tech.. ;)Mine was powder blue!

We used these at my Mom's for my graduation reception. Yeah Class of "69"

Vintage Tupperware keychain- Mine was green.

Always wore dresses like this to school, girls were not allowed to wear pants, except in the winter and you had to wear them under your dress and remove them when you got to school! Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog and J C Penny's too!

Who didn't have this?

Nintendo, I still have mine!!

Scooters in gym class

Rainbow heart name pins. I loved mine!!

Shorthand.....I had this class in high school.

plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider. I loved mine.

Who didn't have a mood ring. Actually I still have one!