Coat hanger tattoo via



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scorpio tattoo idea. i kinda like the upper hip placement

Wing Tattoo, plus aww!

peter pan silhouette tattoos

walk by faith

batman tattoo. nice size

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo: 8 steps... This is a really good idea for anyone considering a tattoo. You can try it out with a temporary design at first to really make sure you like the placement, size, etc. I need to do this!

Flowers, wrist

Totally love this ams the placement, love this little guy #cross #tattoo

Tiny finger tattoo


deathly hallows-That is the perfect place for that tattoo!

Small Shell Tattoo, love the placement

I want a watercolor tattoo!!

Usually not a big fan of shoulder tattoos on girls, but do like this combination of design and placement.

Neck tattoo

I'm not into tattoos (too much pain) but I love a lot of these. And if I did ever get one, I'd probably get it on my wrist.