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Love this quote by Jeffrey R. Holland. I often am scolded for giving others the benefit of the doubt and trying to understand their behavior. There are few people I don't, no one is perfect.

but... that doesn't mean we were going to be partners. :( he had to choose someone else. she is good for him... he will be happy... It's probably for the best

1. Inspirational Quote [Because I love my work, I love filling in spreadsheets and preparing invoices. It's all part of doing what I want to do.] #modcloth #makeitwork

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<3 #quote

** i owe u an apology my dear. sometimes i just get so caught up in the future that i forget to b grateful for the here and now. im sure u have enuff on ur plate without me adding to the pressure of the struggles ur going thru. i trully apologize and i hope u forgive me. things will wrk out n due time. i just need to learn patience. im grateful ur still n my life and i know my feeling r strong. its hard not to tell someone u love them without crossing a line. and i shouldnt expect u to feel the same. although its all i ever wanted. but for now i just need to enjoy the moments we have together and hope that one day you will feel the same as i do. so if u c this and forgive me like this or give me a snail or flower. have a great rest of the day PL <3

okay, I totally agree! But, when I was reading this, I kept thinking of Matthew M's quote in "How to Lose a guy in 10 Days" about her having "more than enough personalities to keep him busy!" hehe

tylerknott: So with my new typewriter I have been experimenting with just putting a piece of paper in and writing a poem as fast as I can.  The nature of the medium is that I cannot correct anything, go back and change lines or alter what my original thought was, mistakes and all.  I love it.  Here is my first.