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Demoralizing Shout – Baby Blue Spaghetti Strap

Embracing the Geek – Punch Out – Navy

Steam Girl

Thor: “Loki, this is Madness!” - Thor Movie, 2011. [From The Avengers Movie Interpretation Lego Project]

"This drink, I like it! ANOTHER!" - Thor, 2011. The first in my series of the Avengers Movie Interpretation Project with Lego.

Target: We have a hulk.

If Pixar made Iron Man


“No one will take my dragons!”

Iron Man

"Where's Carl?" - The Walking Dead

Corgi + Thor = Thorgi

Playmobil custom Thor

Sup Scarlett.

So, you’re a geek and a gamer. You just became a Dad. Both worlds are about to get even more AWESOME: Buy yourselves a Moby Wrap. Hands down this will be the best investment you could ever ask for. Not only will your other half - and the little nipper - love the sheer awesomeness of the gadget (and win you extra credits) but it comes in this soft but strong draw-bag which will hold 350+ dice. Your baby will feel so loved and snug. Your dice will feel cared for and secure.

Speck iPod Nano 6G Time To Rock

@notisolde Dalek dress. You HAVE to get this! #DoctorWho

Live long and prosper and stop violence against women.

The caped crusader is pulled over by police in Maryland for driving with the wrong plates on his Lamborghini Batmobile. Watch the BBC video - the cops commentary is epic. He was on his way to bring good cheer to children at a cancer ward. He wasn't charged. Another great video here of someone driving by the Batmobile: This has to be the ultimate cosplay!

Truth. Thank you, Simon Pegg.

Walking Dead

Not the *droids* you're looking for.


Do, doo, doo, dodododo, dodododododododoo... Dunna dunna dunna...

The Walking Dead