Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is one of my favorite places on earth and when I'm ready for garden inspiration I get out my books I got there! His Kitchen Garden is just DREAMY! (Not that the rest of the gardens aren't.) :)

The Kitchen Garden at Monticello

Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book

Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book. A must for all gardeners.

thomas jefferson garden

beautiful kitchen garden of Thomas Jefferson, with heirloom vegetable and historic setting.

A view of the Vegetable Garden and Montalto in Fall

Monticello Garden



Aerial of the South Orchard, Vegetable Garden, and Vineyards at the Monticello Gardens The Green Church by Ackroyd & Harvey // Great Gardens & Ideas //

So dreamy...

Monticello Vegetable Garden...the ultimate kitchen garden! Beautiful pictures of it here, accompanied by text. Been there -it really is quite a lovely vegetable garden.

Monticello garden




guess where? Monticello gardens

Kitchen garden

The garden!

Post a mailbox in the more trips to garage for garden tools. What a great idea!