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I love these kinds of gardens too, its not as clean cut as some other sorts of gardens, but these ones have such a home-like feel to it

Beautiful Vegetable Garden--- rows of colored lettuces, chard, carrots, and other edible food garden plants

The lemon thyme that we planted on the sides of the raised beds add some softness to the gravel path. It's exactly what was needed...

Lovely layout for a potager, saving ideas for the new quarter acre I will be gardening soon #garden #garden_inspiration #potager

"To deter pesky groundhogs and rabbits, Page fortified the perimeter of her post-and-rail fence by digging a trench and installing chicken wire about three feet below the surface along the edge."

pretty little crop in a Kitchen potager garden | Gemüsegarten im Rondell

"The man who has planted a garden feels that he has done something for the good of the world." Vita Sackeille-West

potager inspiration with giant cabbage thing!!!

Our Potager Garden Project Begins....the deer at my house would think they were in heaven!!!!

Look at the size of those onions! And the dahlias in the background really brighten things up.

Potager Gardens - Be creative and do a raised bed potager garden! (Pronounced poe-ta-zhay), this became popular in the 16th century in France. Get into this website and see the different layouts you could do on a smaller scale in your garden.