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Bee skep in bole by hockadilly (A bee bole is a cavity or alcove in a wall, commonly used for bee-keeping in Britain prior to the mid-19th century.)

bee skep | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Save the Bees! A garden just for it wrong to want a beehive even if Olivia is allergic, I mean really, how often is she outside?

Bee hive. Must have taken so much work. amazing. thx for sharing.

These are like the boxes I used to have. Now I want to check out lighter versions... these were heavy to lift back then, even one by one... They had boxes half the size around the time I stopped...

incredible craftsman beehive made to look like a French country house; I want to hug this thing, I love it so

awwwesome!!! never seen one displayed like this. What about the weather!! all the ones I've seen have always had some kind of shelter provided.

Bee Hives. Stowell Park.