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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

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Toy Story vs. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead. See? We are already becoming zombies.

The Walking Dead is Foreshadowing Bill Cosby's Cameo

The Walkind Dead Inspired Collage Illustration by TheGeekerie

OMG poor Dale but this cracks me up!!!... this was totally not what I was expecting. Love it!

So badass, they created a character specifically for him...

I Swear This Is The Last One, Carl

The Real Reason Lori Had to Die --- OMG, This is hilarious!!! I never realized Rick was in Love Actually! HA! :)

I actually read where the walkers started like 30 days, before Rick was shot, but this is still funny.

Sleepover...I really just think the Walking Dead pic is super creepy and totally worth pinning and getting freaked out over again.

Me on Sunday: "The Walking Dead is on tonight!!"