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hidden door bookcase

Hidden reading room - love the idea of old school hidden rooms and corridors and fake wall/doors. Oh yes the perfect book shelves and then a place to read without being found. My idea of heaven.


Decorating a Dream Home {part 1

Add a pantry to a corner by building the wall out. Great idea when we buy a house and there's no pantry. Love the chic color! & making the outer shelving. I'm for anything that's adding more space!

How to hide things.

How to hide things.

The best hidden spots ever. My favorites are the cable boxes behind the TV, the storage under/beside the bath tub, the vent safe and the actual secret wardrobe

Secret room behind the bookcase - classic. - Click image to find more Architecture Pinterest pins

Secret spiral staircase behind the bookcase (by Kuhl Design Build LLC). My dream home includes a secret passage.

crazy bed ideas.

Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. - I love the book bed and the TARDIS bed, but I'm so confused by the roller coaster ones

A hidden safe behind a built-in bookshelf

7 stunning under stairs storage ideas: home decor, shelving ideas, stairs, storage ideas, why not use your under the stair storage for storage and a hidden panic room


Hope it works better than the one in the in the closet floor of the beach house. damn thief's Secret safe place to hide valuables jewellery

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Siblings Sharing a Bedroom

Love it! Four beds, one room. Plenty of space left. Could do this in you theatre room. Plenty of seating space and use them as beds for guest.

Secret Hidden Passageways For The Home: I need all of these.

Secret Hidden Passageways In House!

Secret Hidden Passageways In House. If I was rich I'd have several secret rooms and passageways! I can only dream!

Hidden outlets

hidden outlet for kitchen counters. And how many times have we gone into our kitchens looking for a outlet to plug somthing in.