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Hadley loves a white girl. THE READING LESSONS. 5 months on the bestseller list.

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When I look at your lips, I don’t think “I want to kiss you”. I think of the first ‘moment’ we had. When our eyes were locked in an intense gaze. That moment as my gaze dropped from your eyes, to your lips. In that moment I felt an intense passion. As I drew closer to you, your scent filled me. Your scent and your warmth. I could sense your softness, your kindness and the wetness of your mouth from inches away.

visage, bouche, main, doigts, lèvres, douceur, émotion, fragilité, photographie | face, mouth, hand, fingers, lips, softness, emotion, fragility, photography

Not classic hot, but I love those lip bite looks. And, you know, necks are hot.