• Countess Meggie

    1st century AD Diadem from the Khokhlach Barrow | Gold, garnet, glass, turquoise, almandine, pearls. Bust of a woman, carved glass? face. Tree of life and Stags. It is a hinged diadem (3 pieces)

  • Ленка Ленка

    из захоронения, открытого на юге России в 1864 году - Sarmatian Gold Diadem with Garnet, Glass, Almandine, Pearls, and Turquoise; From the Khokhlach Burial Mound (1st century AD, Hermitage Museum).

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The Koi diamond

The colours here are fantastic!

I fell so extremely hard in love this is incredible. So beautiful! I guess I never saw a dress like this! I love it already, love at first sight ❤️

I.Really.Love.This! just below my left side below my heart incorporating the other image of the rose on the end. with a personal quote "Always" as in I'll Always have the key to my hubbys heart which he will get the heart lock :) anniversary prez! YES!!

Blue Mermaid Necklace Seahorse Necklace Mermaid Pendant Beach Necklace Oyster Brass Filigree Vintage Mermaid Seashell

I can't wait till school's over and I can paint again without feeling guilty about the fact that I'm not studying..

Adult coloring pages and coloring pages for teens are recommended for relaxation, therapy, and self discovery by therapists and art educators. Keep minds sharp with coloring pages for adults.



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mandala- a maybe tattoo ;)


Some conceptual ideas for Wildemoore Manor, home of the wizard, Ansanom, and his apprentice, Serena.

In the dream of colour, snowflakes easily become related to the flowers and cousins to the sunshine!

Boulder opal. Similar to black opal except that the foreground colour is very thin and sits on a brown ironstone base. These stones at times can come with interesting "hills" and "valleys" on the surface.

Fordite cabochon, (aka Detroit Agate) NOT an agate. The original material was created many years ago at the Ford Rouge Plant just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Layer upon layer, paint over-spray built up on metal racks that transported new car bodies through the paint shop, and into the oven, where each coat was baked hard.

Em's Cottage by Shawn Fisher.

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