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  • Carrie Cartwright

    Had this when I was little spent hours running around the house taking pictures. Once my mom put film in it and I took some interesting pics for a 4 year old

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Apron Patterns

Sally Weekly 1950s paper doll set

Being neighborly...we all knew and associated with our neighbors...that's the original reason why it's called a 'neighborhood' ...

Fruit Striped Gum

Ditto machines...remember the smell?


Hats and convertibles!!! Not that they really go together ... But the grins sure do!

Sack racing!!!!

1960. Who needed Princess-stuff back then? We had all we needed...and it was real!!

Needlecraft magazine cover by Olga Heese Bogart

Tame -- actually, a turning point!

Sitting backwards in the station wagon ... for kids it was a wonderful idea.

My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R (1970's) Oh, My Goodness!!!!!

Monchichi !!!

Library membership cards looked like this

"wind wings" on cars. ... wish I still had one!

1918 Vintage Apron - picture only


Ditto machines...remember the smell? YES!

Van Raalte stockings, 1951

Taps!!! Klickers! M'n moeder haatte ze omdat we in de vloerbedekking bleven hangen :-)

Rolschaats sleutels -- skate keys!

Swinging with Friends - who didn't do this?

before Snap Crackle Pop had faces....Look at that wonderful old car! ...Timely-Atlas-Comics: May 2011

wonderful old nursery rhymes...Timely-Atlas-Comics: May 2011