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How to Make Cream Cheese

Homemade Cream Cheese - our process will not include anything but great milk and cream, a traditional dairy culture and a few drops of rennet.

Homemade Feta Cheese...surprisingly easy!!!! 2 Gallons Milk (cow, goat or sheep) Feta Culture: 1/8 teaspoon DVI Liquid Rennet: 1 teaspoon Water: ½ cup cool Kosher Salt or Cheese Salt Calcium Chloride if using store-bought milk

Farmer's Cheese - easy to make at home! The farmer cheese is one of the few neutral cheeses on Type O eating plan. Never heard of it so wanted to save a recipe

Lithuanian Farmers Cheese

This is a super easy recipe for cheese ! I found this recipe on Cheeses of Antiquity website. Terese Vekteris was the person who was making the cheese. What I like about it is that it uses buttermilk and no rennet. I thought this cheese by itself to be on the plain side but very good with garlic, chives and cracked black pepper added to it. I served it with the herbs and thin sliced ham on butter crackers. It was gone in a flash !