So fucking true

Adorable Ron and Hermoine story! :)

Harry Potter > Twilight

Ron and his chicken lol

[insert me bawling here] take out scrimgeour. he was a HOE

HP Lion King :) YESSSS!

“They asked me if I’m going to miss Harry Potter. I just laughed…I found it a dumb question, I spent ten years of my life with all those people. We studied, learned and grew up together. I lived ten years as Ron and now, it’s like I’m missing a big part of me.” (Rupert Grint)

Wicked cool. The only thing is it should say Chaser Potter and Ministry Worker Wesley. If you ever watched the movies or read the books you'll understand.

Are they serious! You make sweets based on sweets in the most British series around and you name one of the flavours booger! Not bogie, booger!!!!!!!! #rantover

what were they called again? something about the lost boys or the abandoned boys and i'm a failure of a fan for forgetting (alliteration unintentional)

Aww how sweet, that she checked on Emma afterwards

Why Did Hermione Marry Ron | why Ron/Hermione pwn Bella/Edward - Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Fan Art ...

Can't. Stop. Laughing. Wandering with werewolves Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Facts.

Ron & Hermione

daniel jacob radcliffe (harry james potter) / sean biggerstaff (oliver wood)

"My husband is brave."

Awwww... Sad. :(