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Gold miner cupcakes: chocolate cupcake, golden caramel icing, gold cachous, pick is made from pretzel stick and cut licorice. Link has great mining party tips.

from The Beauty Department


If you’re a tired of the same old same old… try this little gem! It’s daring yet subtle and perfect for your trendsetting self… not to mention really pretty on all skin tones! Steps + full face look just went up on thebeautydepartmentcom!

Gold- this represents the gold the Utopia has an abundance of; however, they do not see any value in this, although all other societies hold gold to a very high value. Their not valuing of this leads to them have a more peaceful life with almost no selfishness.

from Architectural Digest

Aerin Lauder's New Furniture and Accessories Collections

$200,000. World's most expensive toilet. The maids must clean it with only their tongues