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Aww my sissy @Patti B P Sent this to me U talk sh*t to me n ill buy u a shot to squash it U talk sh*t to my sissy and ill grab a butter knife on the brew co patio n get ur azz kicked out even tho ur "dating" the owner! #truestory #amillionyearsago #illstillcutabitchformylovedones

For The Love of Dogs.....too funny!! OMG this is so me. Lucky for me I have an awesome hubby who understands my affection for pooches :-)

Short people problems…I probably say this once a day

My life is about as organized as the $5 DVD bin at Walmart

Steven Humour: Funny Ecards - 28 Pics

This could be very interesting!?! Hmmmm....


Aquarius Facts

But seriously though....

Dont tell me what to do!

Sometimes I think that I'm a good and charming young lady. But then I remember that I love sex, booze and junk food.

Road rage


She's accepting of a lot & will give people a chance; she has a high curiosity level (that sometimes gets her in trouble); she tries her best to not be clingy, especially with her mate and expects the same in return; she's independent and original; boring people annoy her; she likes experiencing things life has to offer; she'll always go with her point of view; her wrath is crazy

Aquarius - hmm, few close friends not many, but otherwise...

Love Dr. Pepper

So much to do

Lol this is me


Lmao so true Hypothyroidism

Exactly!!! :)

fluffy and fabulous #scale #weight #cat #humor

Monday you bastard #quote