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cutest doggy door i've ever seen

Cutest dog door entrance ever! I need a dog to go with it. Unless we make it a cat door. four-legged-and-furry

♡ A Doggy Door! ~This is way cuter than that plastic piece to act as a block to the flap!

♡ the schnauzer and the door! A Doggy Door! ~ This way you can still have sliding patio doors, AND lock the doggy door if you need to!

shadow would love this

Get design ideas with pictures to build your own DIY Dog House. Free Dog House Plans included at end of article. 30 awesome dog house designs with pictures.

15 Amazing DIY Dog Bed Ideas including this Wine barrel dog bed

10 Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

How To Build A Dog Bed From Repurposed Wine Barrel theownerbuilderne. Here's a dog bed made from a recycled wooden barrel, and looks solid enough to survive a life time.

Save your lawn from dog feces and urination! Potty Area How To | Canine Training Center

Creating a potty area for your dog is easy, convenient and your lawn and shoes will thank you for it! The nice weather makes this the perfect time of year to get this small project out of the way. So roll up your sleeves and say NO MORE to yellow lawns

Fun Summer Dog Products You Might Not Think Of by @Mandy Robins The Fun Times Guide to Dogs...motion sensing outdoor water fountain

Fun Summer Dog Products You Might Not Think Of

Sonar-Sensing Automatic Pet Fountain - The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water I really need to find one of these. Fisher prefers cold water from a tap

Pet Campers. For small dogs 20lbs or less. Designed by Judson Beaumon. via mymodernmet.com

Adorable "Pet Camper" Is a Miniaturized Trailer for a Small Dog

Straight Line Design's owner and designer Judson Beaumont says the inspiration for the Pet Camper came when his daughter asked him to build a doghouse for her puppy. - Curated by Carjackd.

Loose Dog? Don’t chase! Stop, Drop and Lie Down

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

These are all great tips for catching a runaway dog. taught me the running away one and it works every time!

Custom wool dog look alike stuffed toys

Like Cats and Dogs

Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is an awesome idea, and I love that the money helps shelter animals ❤