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Obama arming our enemies for years. Why Obama and Hillary don't want you to know about Benghazi.

corrupt politics #Anticorruption #Corruption #Movement

Funny pictures about I'm considering a career in organized crime. Oh, and cool pics about I'm considering a career in organized crime. Also, I'm considering a career in organized crime photos.

Absolutely!  The Republican Party doesn't represent me and hasn't for years. What a big disappointment they have become for many conservatives.

A Constitution defending, Bible believing, INDEPENDENT liberal Conservative Christian American!

This woman is a true femanist and worthy candidate for president. << I'm not a feminist, even as a woman, but I agree.

overpaid athletes

this is true everyone is taking our U. military, navy, army, etc. for granted and that's not right! if you would rather meat the most famous football player then an army major then that frickin sad :-/

The Iran Deal prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. That's (probably) why he bashed Trump. Also, let's not forget that Saudi Arabia is STILL worse than Iran on human rights, and is a US ally.

What a mess America is, because of the"leader"and his libtards!!!its a shame, and it's sad!

Liberal logic - It's all backwards, inside out and upside down.


That's not how language works. You don't get to re-define words based on your personal inner feelings. Too fucking bad, you're still a man.

Free speech?  Not when  politically correct police are watching!

Free and Funny News Ecard: So if you state your opinion it's free speech, but if I state mine, it's hate and intolerance? Right, I forgot that's how it works.

'I hope I don't offfend anyone with my political opinion' said NO CONSERVATIVE EVER!!!!!

Dont try to retell the story in such a way that all of the sudden you have retroactive dignity.