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    • Jonathan Martini

      Animated Dumping Santa™- "Santa Takes A Dump Down The Chimney! Santa's sitting atop the chimney and he's not playing around this year. Press his foot and he'll let loose with one of 5 phrases, like "Congratulations, you're at the top of my list...Wrong list, sucker! Ha!" The chimney shakes as Santa passes gas and drops one down the chimney--complete with hilarious sound effects!" from: $19.97

    • Suzanne Levison

      17 Wackiest Christmas Items - HA!

    • Christmas Gifts Library

      Animated Dumping Santa Claus Funny Christmas Plush: Christmas Gifts

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    Light Sabers, their owners, and construction queues... in one word: Beautiful.

    The Lion King meets The Hobbit…

    Yes. Yes he did... #StarWars

    The Hobbit written in a #SEO -friendly manner? #SocialMedia #GeekWin

    "Galactic Empire" flag $24.99 **Flag day next year will be EPIC!**

    These Are Not The 130 "Star Wars" GIFs You Are Looking For

    I'm so happy I'm not the only one...

    Simply beautiful...

    Yup, kind of have to agree with that! :P #starwars

    "Galactic Republic" flag $24.99 **Flag day next year will be EPIC!**

    I've got a bad feeling about this... Star Wars unknown catch phrase.

    Indeed, though is it Bilbo & Smaug or Sherlock & John doing the judging...

    Yoda giving the bird by KylesGallery on Etsy $25 **I need this for my office! "Go away you must..."**

    DA:I The Descent... The Deep Roads are calling and I must go. So looking forward to this!

    There is the Force

    A more accurate response could not be given...

    Finally bought Jaws of Hakkon expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition (Thanks MS exclusivity period)... This was totally my face. #Geeklife

    Obi-Wan with a Bow? Now that is an elegant weapon of a by gone age...

    "Home is behind, the world ahead." **In phonetic Elvish so not the real meaning. If Elves had motivational posters this would be the one on my wall...**

    Gandalf & Saruman Salt & Pepper Shakers **Just the knowledge that these exist somewhere makes me smile**

    I need this on a T-shirt...

    Missed opportunities...

    My Precious Mug, 11 oz., Black/Yellow $11.95

    Thorin: "Gandalf! Where does this go!" Gandalf: "I don't know... It's not written in Elvish..."

    RIP: Christopher Lee...