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    sweet messages :)

    Beautiful. I hope I have that again someday

    Did someone steal my text messages ? No...seriously This is what true love is, never giving up, and knowing it will get hard, but knowing that the love that is there in and of itself is worth fighting for...

    This is so sweet!

    so true!

    So sweet

    This is so sweet. ♥

    im done

    pleasee :D

    so cute...... thats the only way someone could tame this girl in the morning... :) every girls dream guy!!!!!!

    oh my goodness.. ♥

    Could I find someone to say these things to me!?!?!? Dang!!! Super sweet!

    A man in love. seriously the cutest thing


    True words

    Promise Ring Vow. I would have to add my own promises to you, like little travel trips when I see you start to get gloomy, all day shoe and purse shopping and surprises that make you giggle with joy. Reminding you everyday of how much you take little breaths away, how smokin hot you look and how much I adore you

    soooooooooo cuuuuuutee

    And boys say we dont know what we want...

    I'm so lucky I have this ❤️❤️