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5 Books That Will Rip Your Heart Out

5 Books That Will Rip Your Heart Out (In A Good Way.) When it comes to reading, I'm a bit of a masochist. I love books that break my heart a little. The stories that simultaneously crush your soul & renew your faith in the world. (Sappy chick-lit does not fall into this category.) Books that turn something on inside you & make you feel like the world can't move forward until everyone reads them. Here's a handful of books that stand out because they ripped my heart out. & I liked it.


Mercy of a Rude Stream

If your idea of a good time is digging into 1,300-plus pages of an underappreciated modernist classic, then you're (a) a person after our own heart and (b) in luck. Finally, Roth's four-volume opus is collected in one staggering edition—so clear your calendar.


Dry Bones in the Valley

This Pennsylvania-set noir belongs to a fiddle-playing, funny-guy cop who just caught his first murder case.