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  • Dev OM Chef

    Tomatoes: rich in lycopene, an antioxidant which helps maintain levels of collagen, Foods for Healthy Hair -

  • Melinda Hadley

    Heart Healthy Foods - tomatoes

  • BJ Riordan

    Tomatoes: Rich in heart-rate-controlling potassium, fresh tomatoes also contain mood-boosting vitamin B and calcium. Take a stroll through your local farmers market this Saturday and score some mood improving veggies.

  • Sarah Topel

    Tomatoes for shiny hair and healthy skin

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"This veggie is densely packed with folic acid, a B-complex vitamin that helps the body utilize protein better, getting it to your hair faster," says Pasquella. "Just one cup of asparagus has over half of your daily requirement, important since not enough can cause thinning hair." Another reason to indulge? It speeds up hair growth"!

tomatoesplanted my tomatoes last weekend....anticipating that first homegrown Georgia "mater"

Vine-ripened tomatoes, photo by bossacafez. Q: Is there anything more summery than a fresh, cool, sliced tomato with a tiny pinch of salt? (A: No.)

The Last of the Tomatoes by Chiot's Run, via Flickr

so basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of Balsamic...ahhhhhhhhhh

Natural Hair Remedies - DIY Hair Treatments - Real Beauty (includes a recipe for Rehydrating Hair Mask with avocado)

Different tomatoes from 'You grow girl'. Labeled in the photo with their names.

Peaches and Tomatoes | add balsamic vinegar, basil and you have the best caprese like salad..

That random moment when your mom throws away a tomato an you start to sing " BABY COME BACK!! YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME!! I WAS WRONG,AND I JUST CAN LIVE WITHOUT YA!!"... No? That's only me then right? ... My mommy says I'm special ;) ♥