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  • Gayle Ranjo

    At the Blue School, Kindergarten Curriculum Includes Neurology - Making Education Brain Science

  • Justine Lind

    So young children at the Blue School learn about what has been called “the amygdala hijack” — what happens to their brains when they flip out. Teachers try to get children into a “toward state,” in which they are open to new ideas. Periods of reflection are built into the day for students and teachers alike, because reflection helps executive function — the ability to process information in an orderly way, focus on tasks and exhibit self-control.

  • Allan Starkey

    Grappling so directly with thoughts and emotions may seem odd for young brains, but it is part of the DNA of the Blue School, a downtown Manhattan private school that began six years ago as a play group. Having rapidly grown to more than 200 students in preschool through third grade, the school has become a kind of national laboratory for integrating cognitive neuroscience and cutting-edge educational theory into curriculum, professional development and school design.

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